2085 SOLENOPSIS Vehicle Concept by Borka Schwarzer

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2085 SOLENOPSIS Vehicle
2085 SOLENOPSIS Vehicle Concept through Borka Schwarzer was a design syndication for Local Generators competition Terra Prix 2085. It is an attempt to offer you a glimpse into the world of racing in not so faraway future. The eyesight imagined by this designer suggests a very complicated society combined with progress technologies, sustainable design and style, and isolation from your nature. SOLENOPSIS Race Vehicle concept provides a opportinity for people to discover the entire world around them without needing to destroy it. This futuristic vehicle depends on bio-mimicry to adapt to its surroundings and bring the passengers as well as viewers with the race into the many exotic places that is known. The body of SOLENOPSIS was inspired by the body construction of an ant with modular external frames design and style, therefore it permits quick repairs and guarantees security to the drivers. The revolutionary structure from the tire came from heavy researches on fire ants capacity to lock onto every single other to type a complicated waterproof construction. Because the result, SOLENOPSIS Race Vehicle can transform from tire to track for the duration of the race, the nanostructure from the tracks might be linked and disconnected by means of magnetic area generators located on wheels.
Solenopsis Vehicle 2085 Concept

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Race 2085 SOLENOPSIS Vehicle
Design by Borka Schwarzer


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