Aeolus Subcompact Vehicle Concept by Yuhan Zhang

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Aeolus Vehicle
The main objective of Aeolus hybrid subcompact vehicle project was to develop a brand-new energy efficient vehicle ideal for future city space that would be getting smaller and also smaller yet using very affordable price. Following making an extensive analysis, the automotive custom decided to design any sporty and hostile car for long term young consumers to answer the future needs regarding urban mobility. To get to know the demand of aggressive future city life-style, Aeolus hybrid subcompact vehicle was created. This electric car or truck concept was designed underneath supervision of Chengdu Gaoyuan Vehicle Industry Co.Ltd, a new brach of Geely. It is a lightweight urban mini-crossover electric car or truck with capacity of 3 individuals and speed up to 120km/hour.
Yuhan Zhang Aeolus Subcompact Vehicle

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Specification Aeolus Subcompact Vehicle
Design by Yuhan Zhang


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