Nissan Pivo 3 Car Concept

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Nissan Pivo 3
Nissan Pivo 3 designed for the demands regarding city streets, the particular narrow-tread rear tires along with in-wheel motors with a broad steering angle enables the car to U-turn inside space of four meters on a zero change gap, ensuring that in the event the front wheels can make the turn, the rear wheels can adhere to. A zero-emission urban power vehicle, the “pivo 3” is among three concept vehicles that nissan will show at the tokyo generator show from dec 3rd through 11th, 2011, alongside your “esflow” electric sportscar and “townpod” electric powered cross-utility designs. Measuring just below 3-meters (9.8 foot) in length, the vehicle comes with a compact, 3-seat chassis, wherein the driver is sitting centrally in front, with a couple of passenger seats in the rear. The central driving position supplies benefits of visibility, whilst side mirrors happen to be replaced with internal screens that depict your car’s surrounds and also help minimize impaired spots. The ‘robotic agent’ program acts as personalized assistant to a motorist, utilizing cloud computing and technological national infrastructure to display relevant information on a wide display screen. the actual car’s “automated valet parking” feature instantly drives, locates a new parking space, parks, and charges inside the properly equipped car parking lots of the future; plus permits the vehicle being called by cell phone to pick up its motorist.
Side Nissan Pivo 3 Car

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