2025 Lincoln Continental Car Concept by Colin Bonathan & Jeeho Cha

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Lincoln Continental 2025 Car
2025 Lincoln Continental Car Concept at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show, tucked apart somewhere in the Cobo Hall, is the Lawrence Technological University stand. Taking pride of position there is a quarter-scale model of a Lincoln Continental concept for the year 2025. Lawrence Tech students Colin Bonathan as well as Jeeho Cha came up with the design as a summer project inside Lawrence Tech’s undergraduate degree program in transportation design, and the model was created in Ford Motor Company’s product development center. The actual exterior was styled by Bonathan, whom took particular care to make the car aerodynamic and streamlined. Cha made the interior of the Lincoln Continental 2025 concept, along with equipped it with a mahogany console and floor, and fully reclining Alcantara seats. The Lincoln emblem can be part of the glass roof style, and at night the particular location of the stars tend to be projected onto the roof. Curiously, a bonsai tree is located in a retractable console in the again seat. Other luxury features consist of a retractable food cooler as well as beverage dispenser, center-opening doors, and a slipping trunk bed. The scale model was built after Ford officials voiced their fondness for that concept after seeing it on paper. The students used CAD plans to develop the concept, making it relatively simple for the professionals at Ford to construct the model. The students bypassed the traditional clay modeling and went straight to the computer programs that produce the specifications used to manufacture the actual parts of a scale model or an actual automobile.


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