2030 E-Vul Electric Car Concept by Chao Chin Wei & Huang Wan Ting

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2030 E Vul Electric Car
E-Vul electric car concept along with concept was based on ants. No doubt ants have wonderful way to communicate with each other, they will use chemical scents or you probably know it since pheromones to interact with one another. That unique interaction is translated into E-Vul wherever each car may be connected using magnetic system as a way to reduce electrical energy consumption. In this way, you are able to do both short and long distance travel with multiple passengers in more energy efficient manner. The overall design of E-Vul electric car is focused in public booking and payment system. Users can interact with the program via internet or phone, it could also be linked to be able to our home to reduce the use of private cars. E-Vul electric car is one of Red Dot winning concepts. According to Berkeley Research, a university of California, by the year involving 2030, most of us will be driving electric powered cars. Maybe that’s why this concept, E-Vul electric car, is dedicated for the year of 2030. This electric-powered automobile concept was designed after careful consideration of the environmental issues, future living status along with the effect of new energy technologies.

E Vul Electric Car Concept

Chao Chin Wei Huang Wan Ting E Vul Electric Car Concept
Design by Chao Chin Wei & Huang Wan Ting


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