GoKart Racing Concept by Facundo Elias

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2012 GoKart Racing
The design combines combustion and power technologies into one hybrid hyper-kart that will make your head spin. The particular internal combustion engine is the 160 cc 4-stroke, overhead valve, 5.5 hp in 3600rpm, with centrifugal clutch. A 4L gas tank offers it a assortment of approximately 16 miles with steady use.

Concept GoKart Racing
Alternatively, the electric powered motor operates at 48 volts, 3600 rpm with a torque of 30 Nm at 5500 watts, along with an efficiency involving 69%, with variable voltage DC power that will feeds on 4 batteries within parallel, 12V 110 amps each, generating a variety of 1 hour associated with continuous use, requiring with regards to 6 hours of connection to 220V to be recharged. Like your combustion engine, it can make use of the same transmission along with optimum transmission ratio. With both engines running inside tandem, the vehicle includes a range of approximately 4 hours in continuous utilize. As for security- the actual chassis is made of alloy steel and the fairings were built to hide all functional components, protecting the user from exposure to high-temperature materials, fluids, and chafing. The fairing design in addition envelops the cockpit, putting the user in the central position for you to shield from side collisions. A multifunctional steering steering wheel features a button that will cuts engine power on the spot along with regulating power of the electric motor. Additionally, pedals might be adjusted up to 20cm in order to accommodate both children and adults. The actual chair is made involving lightweight fiberglass and foam upholstered in recycled polypropylene, and also is lined in recycled leather in order to improve ergonomics and prevent common bruises on the reduce back.

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Racing GoKart Concept Race
Design by Facundo Elias


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