Toyota Fun-Vii Car Concept

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Toyota Fun Vii Car
Toyota Fun-Vii can easily link to other vehicles and infrastructure within its surrounding, with this way, this automobile can detect other possibly hazardous vehicles, such as cars in blind spots. Passengers can furthermore connect with other friends which might be driving nearby. Toyota Fun-Vii brings out the theme of “Fun to Drive, Again” to many people yet again through out this fresh design and style proposal. Toyota releases their vision for not-too-distant potential vehicle called Toyota Fun-Vii which redefines the way people, cars, and also society are connected. Mobility definitely may change the world. You are able to personalize this vehicle simply by changing the exterior or interior since easy as downloading the application. The whole body could be used as a display place, from advertisement, announcement, information in your own personal messages, the body color and content are changeable for your will.

Concept Toyota Fun Vii Car
Like all of us said above, even the whole Toyota Fun-Vii interior also capabilities as display space. Choose different themes of your interior according to your mood at the moment, the futuristic navigation system blends perfectly into the interior by way of out the use of augmented reality. Remembering Minority Report movie? This navigation virtual helper offers the passengers and drivers along with driving information and guidance through a vocal interface. The network system installed on this futuristic vehicle will make certain all you software program versions for the vehicle’s drive, control and multimedia system constantly up to date.

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Proposal Toyota Fun Vii Car
Design by Toyota


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