Big Dipper Modular Speaker Concept by Metal Sound Design

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On February 27, 2012
Last modified:February 26, 2012


Big Dipper Modular Speaker Concept
Big Dipper Modular Speaker Concept by Metal Sound Design is the title given towards the tail part of the actual Ursa Major star constellation. Its seven brightest megastars have aided sailors to navigate regarding centuries. The Large Dipper modular speaker system makes it possible for sound to get optimised for a certain room environment. This modular speaker system allows your listener to arrange the modules for high-, middle-, along with low-frequency sound. Everybody has different listening circumstances and room configurations. One’s own spatial scenario must be provided particular attention along with respect to high as well as middle frequencies, which reach your ear at diverse times.
Design by Metal Sound Design (Yu Kuk Il, Park Jang Seo, Jeon Young Jae & Han Kyung Min) for red dot award


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