Future Flying Transportation Concept by Anoop M

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On February 15, 2012
Last modified:February 15, 2012


Future Flying Vehicle
Future Flying Transportation Concept by Anoop M. Made for 2 people, this kind of vehicle looks similar to a flying kite in order to us with its unique tail though according on the designer, it was inspired by a “moving shark”. Your tail of this flying machine can move upward and also act as propeller when flying, it moves downward as a way to use your wheel for that landing purpose, just like an aircraft.

Design Futuristic Flying Transportation
However, we’re not really really confident if the tail will be strong adequate to sustain the main structure of this vehicle and how to keep this particular futuristic flying transportation in balanced along with only a single wheel. The main body has recently been designed with careful consideration to aerodynamics.

Future Flying Transportation Concept Future Flying Transportation Anoop M Anoop M Futuristic Flying Transportation Concept 2030 Futuristic Flying Vehicle Concept

Futuristic Flying Transportation
Design by Anoop M


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