HR BURTON GLOVES Concept by William Mazuel

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On February 29, 2012
Last modified:February 28, 2012


HR BURTON GLOVES Concept by William Mazuel keep the particular user’s hands warm like regular gloves, however they are also a unit designed specially with regard to music as well as communication in extreme situations. Under extreme problems, such as snow, fog, or perhaps rain, it can be hard and dangerous to be able to access a great audio device which is tucked into your current jacket, or be able to read the screen. In addition, the particular extra weight of a songs player or radio may be restrictive and uncomfortable. To use the traditional audio device although snowboarding for example, your user would have to face problems including accessibility, useability, comfort, safety, along with security. The HR Burton Gloves offer an very easily accessible, functional, and also intuitive means regarding enjoying music and also having the channel of communication inside of reach.

HR Burton Gloves have been recently designed with a built-in MP3 player on the right glove and the two-way radio on the left glove. Intuitive controls tend to be located on the suggestions of the gloves. This provides the actual wearer with simple accessibility to the device’s characteristics under extreme circumstances. The gadget is managed by skimming the particular fingers or perhaps the thumbs over your controls. Music will be transmitted wirelessly by Bluetooth for the wearer’s headphones. With HR Burton Gloves, the particular wearer is capable of have music within reach, stay connected at all times, and also communicate through their fingertips. They’re able to even switch songs while performing a new snowboarding trick.
Design by William Mazuel for red dot award


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