OCTOPUS Transformable Earphones Concept by David Dong Hee Suh

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On February 27, 2012
Last modified:February 26, 2012


OCTOPUS Transformable Earphones Concept
OCTOPUS Transformable Earphones Concept by David Dong Hee Suh is a set associated with transformable earphones that can end up being used without having the frustration of a tangled cable. Inspired by the suction cups about the tentacles of the octopus, the Octopus earbuds are each and every fitted with a silicon flap that will be folded rear from the earbud stem in order to form a suction cup. Following the cable will be wrapped neatly around the gadget, the earbuds can be attached to your screen of the audio device. Alternately, the earbuds can be mounted on each other and also hung around the user’s neck. The particular time-consuming task of untangling the particular cable is a thing of the past. The particular suction flap can be folded back over the particular earbud stem for a compact shape through use. Octopus had been styled in a manner that is certainly visually harmonious with nearly all music players.

David Dong Hee Suh OCTOPUS Earphone Concept
Design by David Dong Hee Suh for red dot award


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