PROMETHEUS Mobile Station Concept by Volodya Domaretskii

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On February 27, 2012
Last modified:February 27, 2012


PROMETHEUS Mobile Station
PROMETHEUS Mobile Station Concept by Volodya Domaretskii has been meant to provide reliable power as well as water supply in harsh environments. This kind of station consists of telescopic boom together with wind generator as well as flexible solar panels, water generator, water filter, diesel generator, water tanks, communication center. This station could use fully renewable energy or as a hybrid system along with diesel generator. Mobile station PROMETHEUS has also been designed to generate drinkable water from water or even river.

Reliable Power PROMETHEUS Mobile Station Design
If there is problem with water station, the particular operator may utilize Atmospheric Water Generator which may produce up to 700l regarding potable water per 24h. The main station body looks like a great off-road truck, and it’s detachable, therefore it can be connected using other stations providing together far more power and water supply, excellent for armed service purposes.

Futuristic PROMETHEUS Mobile Station Volodya Domaretskii Volodya Domaretskii PROMETHEUS Mobile Station Concept

2012 Mobile Station PROMETHEUS Concept
Design by Volodya Domaretskii


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