SNAIL Braille Reader Concept by Lee Wonkook

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On February 29, 2012
Last modified:February 28, 2012


SNAIL Braille Reader Concept
SNAIL Braille Reader Concept by Lee Wonkook is a great electronic Braille-to-voice converter in which reads and vocalises Braille instantly. In the event the user rolls Snail’s pressure-sensitive touch pad across lines of Braille, the device creates the corresponding voice output. Your vocal translation can be recorded. The actual concept allows users to feel the freedom and also independence of reading Braille easily and rapidly, and regarding ‘replaying’ the text in any future time as well as place. The Bluetooth earphone can be utilized to listen to the translation in noise-sensitive environments including libraries.

Guide wheels about both sides in the sensor help Snail to hold a regular direction along with follow the lines of Braille. The system is self-powered; this generates its own power while this rolls. Playback of the recorded voice can be conveniently initiated by basically rolling the controls a few periods. A wiping pad can be installed between your wheel as well as the handle section; gently pressing that down through rolling keeps Snail clean.
Design by Lee Wonkook for red dot award


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