2020 CF Intelligent Forklift Concept by Doosan Infracore

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On March 23, 2012
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2020 CF Intelligent Forklift
2020 CF Intelligent Forklift Concept by Doosan Infracore is an intelligent concept forklift being targeted for release in 2020. It combines ‘maximum usability and operation’ with features that are efficient, environmentally friendly, and safe.

Doosan Infracore CF Intelligent Forklift Concept
Green – no emissions and noiseless
The CF is electrically powered to meet the environmental standards of the most stringent regulatory boards through a clear reduction of emissions, excess noise, and fuel costs. Enhanced by battery-capacity technology, the highly efficient rechargeable battery enables faster recharging resulting in increased work time and productivity. A high-torque in-wheel motor is installed in each of the inner wheels and also works as a regenerative braking system. The traditional hydraulic cylinder for the mast has been replaced by an electric linear motor to simplify its structure and to decrease noise and oil leaks.

Innovation – efficiency and intelligence
The CF epitomises the concept of ‘innovation that embodies efficiency and intelligence.’ This is exemplified in its use of an extendable counterweight to improve stability and increase load capacity. Furthermore, its intuitive work-guide system – incorporating a HUD (or head-up display) on the front windshield – acts as a form of transparent OLED display that helps to maximise the operator’s efficiency through the use of augmented reality. The operator can see information about the cargo and interpret an optimised work process to suit.

Human – safety and usability
Visibility is the most important factor for safe working conditions, and the CF offers several structural and technical solutions. Structurally, the cabin is able to move upward and tilt backward enabling peak visibility while elevated. In addition, safety-monitoring cameras and sensors are mounted at the end of the forks and masts, as well as along the outer part of the unit’s body. These safety devices improve visibility and enable the operator to be immediately aware of nearby people or objects. The highly intuitive instrument panel, control stand, and other such devices are integrated into the swivel seat to provide ease of control and easy access.

CF Intelligent Forklift Concept

Design 2020 CF Intelligent Forklift Concept
Design by Doosan Infracore (Park Younkwan, Lee Youngjin, Kim Junghan, Jung Gyusang, Kim Euisik, Lee Naesoo) for red dot award [via]


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