3to1 Sports Equipment Concept by Michael Imbert

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On March 23, 2012
Last modified:March 21, 2012


3to1 Sports Equipment
3to1 Sports Equipment Concept by Michael Imbert was designed while this industrial designer wanted to be able to offer a solution for all sports enthusiasts regardless their location or even financial situation. Most men and women who have practiced sports are usually addicted to one or even more sports activities simply because they like it as well as simply because they can afford in which particular sports gear. For others, they are the lucky ones that can afford gym memberships.

Michael Imbert 3to1 Sports Equipment Concept

2012 3to1 Sports Equipment Concept
3to1 sports equipment combines exercise bike, the elliptic bike and the rower, yes in short phrases, 3 devices within one. It’s great area saver as well, you’ll get a full training even when you stay in a small flat or apartment. This particular fitness equipment offers an individual the benefits of an exercise bike that’s great for cardio workout and straightforward on the knees, a rower that is great to tone your current flabby legs and an elliptic bike that trains more muscles in your body for you to burn more calories and fat.

Concept Design 3to1 Sports Equipment

3to1 Sports Equipment Design Concept
Design by Michael Imbert


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