Accompany with Tree Concept by Lee Chunho, Choi Ujin, Park Youngsu & Lee Junghyun

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On March 20, 2012
Last modified:March 19, 2012


Accompany with Tree
This flexible grid for urban trees prevents the damage to trunks and roots that can occur when a tree outgrows a standard metal grid. In paved urban areas, a metal grid is often placed at the foot of a tree to facilitate the application of water. Such grids can restrict the outward growth of the trunk as the tree ages over a period of many years. Accompany with Tree is a flexible grid that allows the tree trunk to expand unhindered. It is composed of two plates – a lower/outer plate of rolled steel into which a variety of patterns can be cut, and an upper/inner plate of 10mm-thick flexible silicone or rubber. The flexible plate is cut with a radial pattern to create flaps that bend upwards and outwards as the trunk expands. The flaps thus provide a visual reference to growth. The lower steel plate is fixed to the pavement. The upper plate is loosely locked around the trunk like a padlock. The upper flexible plate can be lifted by street cleaners for the removal of rubbish that finds its way beneath.

Tree Holder Accompany with Tree Concept
Design by Lee Chunho, Choi Ujin, Park Youngsu & Lee Junghyun [via]


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