Air-Elf Aircraft Concept by Yinze Hu

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On March 9, 2012
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Air Elf Aircraft

2012 Air Elf Aircraft Concept
Air-Elf Aircraft Concept by Yinze Hu is to solve path congestion. The core of the concept is often a new type associated with wing, “Air Caterpillar”. It can be transformed in order to meet the needs involving flexibility and speed of the aircraft. Air-Elf aircraft not only can take off and land vertically, but also is actually able to perform high-speed cruising. Additionally, Air-Elf is equipped with smooth aerodynamic appearance, clean as well as efficient hydrogen energy power system, solid frame, for you to facilitate safe and comfortable cockpit and also baggage compartment.

Aircraft Concept Air Elf Aircraft Design Air Elf Aircraft Concept

2013 Concept Air Elf Aircraft
Air Caterpillar wings consist of a main structure along with many small wings. These kinds of small wings can proceed horizontally and circularly to provide lifting force constantly. “Air caterpillar” wings are highly transformable to meet the actual parking, vertical takeoff and landing, high-speed cruising requirements.

Futuristic Air Elf Aircraft Concept Concept Air Elf Aircraft Design Image Air Elf Aircraft

Yinze Hu Air Elf Aircraft Concept
Design by Yinze Hu


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  1. Dan Jacob

    10/16/2012, 03:08 pm

    It seems to me that the front hatch will be difficult to open for pilot ejection when the plane is flying, especially at high speeds.


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