ARROW Gas Mask Concept by Jeju National University + PD Lab

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On March 18, 2012
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ARROW Gas Mask
ARROW Gas Mask Concept by Jeju National University + PD Lab is a gas mask that provides protection from smoke and toxic gases, and also clearly indicates one’s escape route from a burning building. The arrow sign will be generated in response to a USN (Ubiquitous Sensor Network) method, which links the exits, ARROW masks, and rescuers. This program allows continuous communication involving a rescuer and an escapee, and allows rapid response. The drawstring beneath the chin of the mask gives one-touch intuitive operational control; pulling the drawstring activates the actual mask’s power supply, makes RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) operable, and enables communication with rescuers.

2012 ARROW Gas Mask Concept Design
Design by Jeju National University + PD Lab, Tourism & Leisure Education Center (Prof. Jeon Sung-su, Prof. Kim Ki-Pil, Han Kyung-Chan, Kang Kyung-Rok, Kang Dong-Woo & Jeon Ji-Yong for red dot award


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