ARTHOSIS Medical Device Concept by Monika Lovse

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On March 12, 2012
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ARTHOSIS Medical Device
ARTHOSIS Medical Device Concept by Monika Lovse is a medical brace used for the treatment of scoliosis. The sensitive and adaptable design of this medical aid transforms it into a medium through which the patient can express his or her own art. A healing product is upgraded to a personalised fashion accessory.

An orthosis is an orthopaedic brace used for treating scoliosis – a medical condition in which the spine curves from side to side. Scoliosis develops in the most fragile years – childhood and adolescence. Non-operative treatment of scoliosis uses an orthosis, which patients must wear all day for several years.

The orthosis must be lightweight, easy to use, anti-allergenic, and aesthetically acceptable to the patient. The appearance of the medical aid has a significant impact on the self-confidence of patients, as well as their attitude towards the illness. The designer of ARTHOSIS suggests that when using some the current generation of designs, patients may also develop serious psychological conditions (such as depression) and in some cases even decline treatment.

ARTHOSIS opens at the front with the help of two joints: one on the top belt, the other at the bottom. This enables the patient to put on the orthosis and also adjust the girth. The toothed joints enable micro-adjustability, resulting in optimal adaptability to the needs of the patient. The joint at the back enables the girth to be bi-directionally adjusted, ensuring long-term adaptability.

The accessory’s foam padding is covered by a 3D breathable textile, which prevents allergies and skin irritation, and offers superior user comfort. It is attached with Velcro, making it easy to wash or exchange.
The design also allows for the orthosis to be easily dismantled and recycled after use.

The key added value point of ARTHOSIS lies in the fact that the design has aimed to resolve the psychological crisis many patients endure while using medicinal braces. ARTHOSIS features individual adaptability to the patient by enabling visual customisation through the application of print-on foils, which are entirely customisable. The proposed add-on customisation is financially accessible to everyone and can also be altered fast enough to keep pace with the development stages of young patients. Thus, the product a positive social impact as well as a medical effect.
Design by Monika Lovse for red dot award [via]


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