Audi 2Lip Concept Car by Davide Varenna

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On March 9, 2012
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Audi 2Lip Concept Car
Audi 2Lip Concept Car by Davide Varenna is a study of an futuristic vehicle for 2050 focused on offering easy access for the cabin to elderly people. The particular author is design student Davide Varenna. The actual Audi 2Lip was created by Davide Varenna through the first semester of the Master involving Transportation Design at the School of Pforzheim, Germany. The brief of the project was to create a vehicle with regard to 2050, primarily intended for customers over 60 years old, but in addition desirable for a younger audience.

Futuristic Audi 2Lip Concept Car

2050 Audi 2Lip Concept Car
Audi 2Lip Concept The major focus of the vehicle is to offer simple access to the cabin. This can be achieved through an opening system inspired by flowers, which usually allows passengers to “walk into the cockpit” without any obstacle. The actual front section of the car is made regarding transparent shape memory polymers that open similar to a flower to supply access. Additionally, a huge front platform moves downward, reducing the road clearance and providing an simple access also to be able to disabled people. When passengers tend to be seated, the stripes close softly around these people.

2013 Audi 2Lip Concept Car Lightweight Audi 2Lip Concept Car

Davide explains:
“The external surfaces, based on the soft / strong contrast, are under visual tension by the large rear wheels, designed to promote ride comfort and dynamics for adults and children, more and more influential in grandparents’ purchasing decisions.”

Davide Varenna Audi 2Lip Concept Car 2012 Concept Audi 2Lip Car Concept Car Audi 2Lip Design

Sketch Audi 2Lip Concept Car
Design by Davide Varenna


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