BearHug Inflatable Vest Concept by Lisa Fraser

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On March 12, 2012
Last modified:March 11, 2012


BearHug Inflatable Vest
BearHug Inflatable Vest Concept by Lisa Fraser is an inflatable vest in which gives evenly distributed stress to the torso of children with autism to relieve anxiety and enhance focus. The child may control how significantly pressure they require, allowing independence. Fun vest styles conceal the inflatable technological innovation so the child can fit in with their particular peers.

Lisa Fraser BearHug Inflatable Vest Concept
An personal with autism becomes overwhelmed simply by their environment. Their sensory technique cannot regulate properly, thus creating anxiety. Force relieves the anxiety and helps the individual for you to focus better and complete daily tasks more efficiently. Strain can also support to reduce tantrums, repetitive behaviours, along with self-injury, as well as reduce oversensitivity in order to touch. BearHug can be an effective solution that will improve the particular lives of children with autism, providing all of them with independence, dignity, and the potential to alleviate anxiety and its effects.

2012 BearHug Inflatable Vest Concept
Design by Lisa Fraser


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