Black Haze Guitar Concept by Andres Luer Solorza

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On March 15, 2012
Last modified:March 15, 2012


Black Haze Guitar
Black Haze Guitar Concept by Andres Luer Solorza was born from the creative thoughts of Andres Luer Solorza. This guitar style combines the best of 3 attacks together between guitar and the neck. The particular internal digital technology permits player to control the volume and tone with backlit LED products. The body is exchangeable, for that reason, it’s very possible pertaining to guitar player to customize his or her chain attack. Each guitar has been designed to allow right-handed or left-handed individuals to play this particular music instrument smoothly.

Design Black Haze Guitar Concept Guitar Concept Black Haze Guitar Andres Luer Solorza Black Haze Guitar Concept

2012 Black Haze Guitar Concept
Design by Andres Luer Solorza


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