Care-Us Food Trailer Vehicle Concept by Francois Xavier Martouzet

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On March 24, 2012
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Care Us Food Trailer

Francois says:
“Given the problems of a growing elderly population and looking at the realities of the rural world and/or at the climatic conditions (like in the past winter), it appears that the delivery of meals should be a priority of services to the person of our country.

Moreover the isolation of this part of the population is a reality that is happening not only in our country but also in our cities. The meal delivery is one of the physiological needs that seems to be filled but it does not always take into account the social part of the meal. While eating, the elderly remain lonely, thus losing the symbolic moment of exchange that includes a meal. Furthermore the lack of contact with the outside world moves them away from reality and they sometimes develop a loss of cognitive tools.

Care-Us Food Trailer is not only a place where elderly people can find food but also to meet other people, have a great conversation and have new friends.”

2012 Care Us Food Trailer Vehicle Concept

Vehicle Concept Care Us Food Trailer
Care-Us Food Trailer Vehicle Concept by Francois Xavier Martouzet project has been designed together with two principles: providing food and also at the same time encourage much more social interaction among elderly people. The design involving Care-Us Food Trailer was inspired through horse-drawn vehicles in the old days, your designer said that he needed to represent a friendlier spot by relating this trailer to horses. Horse is by nature a listening and non-judging animal which very easy for you to definitely get in touch with this animal. Your communication with a horse requires you to be familiar with itself and its body where next it feeds the relationship emotionally.

Futuristic Care Us Food Trailer Design Care Us Food Trailer Vehicle Concept Car Care Us Food Trailer Food Trailer Care Us Food Concept Trailer Vehicle Care Us Food Concept

Francois Xavier Martouzet Care Us Food Trailer Vehicle Concept
Design by Francois Xavier Martouzet


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