DC36 Compact Vacuum Cleaner Concept by Dyson

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On March 7, 2012
Last modified:March 7, 2012


DC36 Compact Vacuum Cleaner
DC36 Compact Vacuum Cleaner Concept by Dyson is a compact cylinder vacuum together with ball technology which, regardless of its size, is as powerful as the larger cylinder models. The ball, which is the combination of over 100 elements, enables users to manoeuvre the particular device over tight corners – the feature which is particularly useful with regard to those living is more compact homes.

2012 Dyson DC36 Compact Vacuum Cleaner
Unlike traditional cylinder cleaners, the system features a minimal centre of gravity, further stabilizing its pounds and allowing for smooth steering. Equipped with dyson’s radial root cyclone technology, your airways suction microparticles as small because 1/5000th of a pin head from the surface to the cyclone. Since there are simply no vacuum bags, the unit does not lose its power above time.

Bal Technology DC36 Compact Vacuum Cleaner Dyson
Design by Dyson


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