dibkit Diabetes Management Concept by IA Collaborative

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On March 11, 2012
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dibkit Diabetes Management
dibkit Diabetes Management Concept by IA Collaborative is an integrated and holistic system that streamlines the daily and long-term management of diabetes by consolidating tools, eliminating frustrations, and connecting people, care providers, products, services, and information. The dibkit is a system of connected devices, classified as a medical device so that it qualifies for insurance. People use the dibkit Meter, connected via Bluetooth to the dibkit Cloud, paired with either the dibkit Pen or
dibkit Pump.

2012 dibkit Diabetes Management Concept
The dibkit Pen is a compact digital insulin pen, which automatically communicates insulin dosage to the dibkit Meter. The soft, rectangular shape provides grip and prevents rolling. The compact size enables people to carry it with them at all times. The main body and cap are reusable and insulin cartridges are disposable.

red dot award dibkit Diabetes Management Design
The dibkit Pump is the most compact, unobtrusive, wearable option for receiving insulin, and is wirelessly controlled by the dibkit Meter. The pump is single use and can be worn for three days. The small, unobtrusive device attaches to the body with an adhesive waterproof backing. Its soft form, low profile and flexible material allow the pump to form smoothly against the contours of the body.

IA Collaborative dibkit Diabetes Management Concept
Design by Dan Kraemer, Kathleen Brandenburg, Drew Brooks, Cody Stonerock, Chad Davis, Brian Graziano, Allison Kaplan, Jeff Gershune (IA Collaborative) for red dot award [via]


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