EDAG Light Car Sharing Concept

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On March 29, 2012
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Edag Light Car Sharing
EDAG Light Car Sharing Concept is one of solutions that EDAG offers to our future demand of car sharing system. This car is designed to be compact yet provides spacious interior and flexible surfaces on the exterior. To inform other people about the leasing status of this vehicle, EDAG utilizes the light to communicate, just like taxi.

Geneva Motor Show Edag Light Car Sharing

2012 Edag Light Car Sharing Concept
Unlike a private car, EDAG Light Car Sharing design must meet several conditions such as it has to be practical, iconic, compact (since most people will use it for short trips in the city) and self-explanatory. If you take a look at the exterior, you’ll already recognize that this vehicle is service-oriented. The 1.9-meter height enables customers to get in and out easily. One of unique features, this vehicle’s bumper is fitted with gel pads on several sensitive spots, in this way, the driver doesn’t need to worry about bumping the car when he parks, these gel pads can withstand minor collisions. I should use them on my car’s bumper.

2013 Edag Light Car

Electric Edag Light Car
The light plays important role as communication tool between the condition of this electric family car and other people. It informs you whether the car is reserved, being charged or available for hire. The rear window can be used as advertisement media of course this can only happen when the car is not being driven. Another highlight of EDAG Light Car Sharing would be a laser that is integrated with the mirror projects a safety zone onto the asphalt when passenger opens the door. It ensures the passengers can get in and out safely.

Urban Edag Light Car Sharing Concept Eco friendly Edag Light Car Sharing Concept Car for Rent Edag Light Car Interior Edag Light Car Steering Edag Light Car

Futuristic EDAG Light Car Sharing
Design by EDAG


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