First Aid 2.0 First-aid Kit Concept by Pow Ying Hern

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On March 11, 2012
Last modified:March 21, 2012


First Aid 2.0
First Aid 2.0 First-aid Kit Concept by Pow Ying Hern is an evolutionary first-aid kit together with LED luminance and a red cross-shaped touch screen. The screen provides comprehensive and concise instructions for the administering of 1st aid in the most efficient method.

First Aid 2.0 First aid Kit

2012 First Aid 2.0 First aid Kit Concept
More evolutionary than revolutionary, First Aid 2.0 redefines and also refines the process associated with administering first aid, which is the particular crucial first phase in saving lives. Portable and offered, First Aid 2.Zero can be used in home, in the office, during travel, along with in the outdoors. Fool proof to make use of, First Aid 2.3 features an LED touchscreen that will provides step-by-step instructions to the administering of first aid. Frequent injuries and their treatment are bookmarked on the screen’s home page. A tapered LED strip illuminates the particular surface of the box, acting as a beacon inside the dark. Utilising a lithium-ion battery and AC power, 1st Aid 2.0 can also function since wall lamp when it is mounted onto a wall. The device consumes minor energy, even when it continuously in use. Power usage remains extremely low while it is in standby mode. First Aid 2.0 is capable of operating to get a full twenty-four hours without recharging, or six weeks when it is throughout standby mode.

Concept First Aid 2.0 Design Futuristic First Aid 2.0 Concept Medical First Aid 2.0 Design

First Aid 2.0 Medical Kit
Design by Pow Ying Hern (Nanyang Technological University) for red dot award


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