Green Air Concept by Wang Yi Peng, Fan Xu & Zhu RB

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On March 9, 2012
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Green Air
Green Air Concept by Wang Yi Peng, Fan Xu & Zhu RB is a mass of greens that you plant atop your monitor as well as use it being a frequent reminder to stop along with smell the flowers! I am going to skip the technical particulars that are properly explained in the ensuing images, and focus on the fact that we do need to contemplate each of our workspace and environment. In a sterile office setup together with mechanical schedules, placebos like the mock green patch can do wonders for productivity and also our health. GreenAir is actually just another instance of how we may pep up our area.

2012 Green Air Concept Design Green Air Concept Plant Atop Green Air Concept

Wang Yi Peng Fan Xu Zhu RB Green Air Concept
Design by Wang Yi Peng, Fan Xu & Zhu RB


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  1. David

    05/10/2012, 10:27 pm

    Interested, wanna to sell in HongKong and other countries, can you email me your quotation ?


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