HourGlass LED Traffic Lights Concept by Thanva Tivawong


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On March 4, 2012
Last modified:March 4, 2012


HourGlass LED Traffic Light
HourGlass LED Traffic Lights Concept by Thanva Tivawong – The new hourglass inspired design is not only visually appealing, but also very practical as now we can exactly predict the next change of the lights. I think everybody would love sitting in a traffic jam.

SandGlass HourGlass LED Traffic Light Thanva Tivawong
Design by Thanva Tivawong


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  1. krzystoff

    05/15/2012, 07:53 am

    this looks brilliant, but the major flaw is with colorblind drivers, who depend on the distinct placement of red/green lights to be able to tell what color a traffic signal is. also, the countdown from red to green would encourage more drivers to burn-off at the lights. a better idea would encompass the improved technology available, with the countdown number suggested here (and used widely in Japan and Europe) lights in three distinct shapes (ie circle/triangle/octagon) rather than the current three circles (that only exist until now because of antiquated lighting tech once used), and similarly animated and sound-enhanced pedestrian signals to match (similar to Japan).

  2. bob

    02/10/2013, 05:49 am

    people shouldn’t be drag racing from traffic lights :( if everyone just takes off at the same time and drives reasonably, the roads don’t jam up as bad. cuts polution too.


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