Impact Sports Harness Concept by Jaryn Miller

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On March 15, 2012
Last modified:March 15, 2012


Impact Sports Harness
Impact Sports Harness Concept by Jaryn Miller allows the user for you to accomplish all his or her training needs using just one harness. Athletes can swiftly and securely attach their sporting activities bags, parachutes, sleds, and everything in between! The harness has two attachment details on the back offering people more variety in their workout. A simple metal bar provides any universal link allowing the user in order to connect all of their own products no matter the brand via their own Velcro belts, carabineers, etc. Rather than just designing yet another product for the pile, the actual industrial designer has come up with a harness style which unifies all the consumers current products, and makes the overall training experience easier, safer, along with faster so that each and every workout has the biggest impact possible.

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Safety Impact Sports Harness Design1
Design by Jaryn Miller


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