MARSHALL FREEPLAYER iPhone/iPod Dock Concept by Michael Imbert

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On March 21, 2012
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Marshall Freeplayer
Marshall Freeplayer iPhone/iPod Dock Concept by Michael Imbert is an iPhone and iPod dock which offers you a new 360-degree sound system, hear the same sound quality from every corner of your room. The high quality sound from Marshall makes you diving back towards the old days where we could taste sweet and delicious Rock and Roll history. The actual classic look, attention to be able to details such as old amplifier from the brand gives vintage appearance of the style. Brushed gold plate, plastic cover as well as the glittering plastic corners tend to be great part of essences of the brand.

Design Concept Marshall Freeplayer Michael Imbert Marshall Freeplayer iPhone iPod Dock iPhone Dock Marshall Freeplayer Concept

iPod Dock Marshall Freeplayer Concept
Design by Michael Imbert


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