MOBILE CARE Medical Case Concept by Yang Xi, Zhan Boto & Hong Chongmin

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On March 11, 2012
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MOBILE CARE Medical Case
MOBILE CARE Medical Case Concept by Yang Xi, Zhan Boto & Hong Chongmin is an organised carrying case for skilled nurses and doctors, which supports professional medical care at a patient’s own home. The design was influenced by research and field observation. This product integrates and organises a home-care visit, incorporating a monitor device, wound-care aids, pain-relief medicine, and medication-related education. The purpose is to enhance the patient’s quality of care as well as the efficiency of nursing.

Mobile Carrying Box
The medical care tasks usually performed by a nurse include medical or psychological assessment, wound care, medication teaching, pain management, disease education and management, and physical therapy. The box is divided into five categories: electronic surveillance and smart devices (such as a tablet PC, blood pressure machine, blood oxygen machine, blood glucose machine, and forehead thermometers); a first-priority area (for example, a patient’s long-term medication); dry clean kits and gloves; blood, urine, or faeces sampling tubes; and a medical kits area (large and small area).

Bed Bath Device
This device is for hospice and palliative care patients, or paralysed patients who need to bathe in bed. This device was inspired by camping tent structures. The main frame is carbon fibre tube, and the skin is flexible polypropylene. It can be folded to carry and expanded to function as a bathtub container.

Easy-case Kit
The easy-case kit is for wound treatments. After measuring the blood pressure, nurses typically treat patients’ wounds (pressure sores). This medical kit is divided into three categories in individual drawers: iodine bottle; syringes; and cotton swabs and gauze.

Ear-hanger Flashlight
This flashlight can be used with both hands free. When a nurse cleans a wound or inspects the patient’s mouth, light can be applied. This device, like a Bluetooth headset, can be directly hung on the ear to allow more precise or subtle treatment.

Vocal Advice Player
The voice player caters to patients or care-giving relatives who have reading disabilities or are illiterate. This device can play multiple languages to advise on each treatment procedure in replacement of paper notes.

Medical Tablet PC-specific
In recent years, hospitals have been gradually implementing wireless technology to assist medical staff with quick and easy access to medical records, or online medical clinics. This device has a camera and can facilitate great convenience for home care. It can save medical resources and even human allocation. Patients can lease or buy this tablet PC from the hospital. Through the wireless monitoring system, medical staff can detect the patient’s data directly and then send files to a user’s tablet PC. Medical staff can also use this device to access the database of patients’ medical records or consult another doctor for advice.

Design by Yang Xi, Zhan Boto & Hong Chongmin for red dot award [via]


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