Nursing Kit Concept by Lee Sheng-Hung & Chen Yu-Lin

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On March 10, 2012
Last modified:March 9, 2012


Nursing Kit
Nursing Kit Concept by Lee Sheng-Hung & Chen Yu-Lin is an easy-to-use first-aid kit which offers a secondary lighting function. Its designers observed that the concept of a first-aid kit just isn’t familiar to typical Taiwanese families. For that reason, they sought a form using which affinities could be easily found, and that might be looked upon as an art piece inside home. Their aim was to take care of the physical as well as spiritual aspects of health.

2012 Design Nursing Kit Concept
While Nursing Kit is picked up, the “emergency” first-aid cross lights up. The user opens your kit by pushing down on it and turning. The actual container is separated into a few sections: one for sterilisation, 1 for medication, and one particular for dressing. The “lid” piece functions as a light source, consequently when the kit is taken apart it could be used as a flashlight. Inside the kit there are multiple components, including “Curvy Scissors”, “Tape Dispenser”, “Tweezers Clip”, and “Medicines Cap”.

Concept Nursing Kit red dot award

Lee Sheng Hung Chen Yu Lin Nursing Kit Concept
Design by Lee Sheng-Hung & Chen Yu-Lin for red dot award


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