PEEL P50 Smallest City Car Concept

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On March 25, 2012
Last modified:March 24, 2012


Peel P50 Car
PEEL P50 Smallest City Car Concept originally manufactured in 1962, the Peel P50 by british engineering business peel continues to hold the world record for the smallest production automobile, and the company has begun a restricted edition run of its Peel P50 and Peel Trident models using an electric as well as petrol engine. The 3-wheeled street-legal vehicles are urban commuters, with a restricted top speed and driving range but a fully enclosed chassis. Based off from the car originally advertised as effective at seating “one adult and a shopping bag”, the electric peel P50 is 1372mm prolonged by 1041mm wide and 1200mm tall (54 x 41 x 47.2 inches), weighing 60kg (132 lbs). It features the same technical specs because the ‘trident’: a 49-cc petrol or DC electric powered engine, both with a top speed regarding 65 km/hr (40mph) and either a fuel economy of 50km/L (118mpg) or array of 30 km (20mi) per battery pack.

Spec Peel P50 City Car Peel Trident Peel P50 City Car1 Electric Peel P50 City Car Concept

2012 Peel P50 City Car
Design by Peel


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