PressurePen Sensitive Stylus Concept by Charles Mangin

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On March 28, 2012
Last modified:March 26, 2012


PressurePen Sensitive Stylus Concept by Charles Mangin is a pressure sensor as well as physical feedback into a comfortable package, the PressurePen strain sensitive stylus effectively adds a third dimension to input on iPads and other tablets. This stress information is sent towards the tablet in the current version via an audio cable for the microphone port. A small piece of computer software, which can be easily integrated into an existing application, reads the pressure and translates that into, for example, your width of a virtual paintbrush, density of color, stroke width, etc. By simply implementing pressure sensitivity in the stylus, in lieu of rely on an energetic digitizer in the tablet, the PressurePen might be used on any kind of tablet with a microphone or headset port and supporting software, along with be easily moved coming from one device in order to another.

2012 PressurePen Concept

Charles Mangin PressurePen Sensitive Stylus Concept
Design by Charles Mangin


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