REAX Medical Reanimationsystem Concept by Lars Imhof & Marc Binder

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On March 18, 2012
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REAX Medical Reanimationsystem
REAX Medical Reanimationsystem Concept by Lars Imhof & Marc Binder – A rescue team’s burden in action is huge. The work is hectic, the equipment is heavy, and the responsibility is great. REAX relieves the paramedic’s resuscitation cycle physically and mentally.

The primary goal of resuscitation is to preserve brain functions. Since the patient‘s brain has to be supplied with oxygen during cardiac arrest, this CPR device has been developed based on the thoracic-pump-mechanism theory. In this case, the heart plays a minor role during resuscitation, since organs such as the lungs or liver contain a large proportion of blood reserves. At regular intervals REAX compresses the entire chest and squeezes the blood more efficiently and evenly into the brain. This is not possible through a manual cardiac massage.

A medic can quickly place the flexible back panel on the patient, which then adapts to the upper body. The paramedic is no longer solely concerned with the heart massage and can take further actions. Even during transportation, resuscitation can continue. Inspired by life vests and protective equipment, REAX has been developed to communicate security and trust on accident sites.

2012 Medical Gadget REAX Medical Reanimationsystem Concept

Lars Imhof Marc Binder REAX Medical Reanimationsystem Concept
Design by Lars Imhof & Marc Binder for red dot award [via]


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