SIPURION Water Purifier Concept by Henning Strobel

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On March 18, 2012
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SIPURION Water Purifier
SIPURION Water Purifier Concept by Henning Strobel is a mobile water purifier that uses membrane engineering and active carbon for you to extract most of the pathogens out of polluted water. SIPURION was developed being a concept study in cooperation along with Siemens AG, and it is depending on Siemens Technology. The white shell consists of three identical parts produced of polyamide that are usually used as a stable tripod design in work mode and as a robust cover around the filter element any time SIPURION is closed. The little number of parts along with the rugged design are optimised with regard to comfortable and safe transport, as well as rapid installation. Since the complete system weighs about 25kg, you can actually handle. The purifier is ready to work after five minutes regarding installation time.

Since SIPURION is a modular system, it can be utilised anywhere in the world, independent of energy supply, either with a foot-operated pump, a power pump, or a gravitation system. The particular purifier has been designed to supply at the very least 200 people (for a maximum period of time of six months) using fresh, potable water. After six months, the particular filter-elements need to be cleaned or replaced.

Henning Strobel SIPURION Water Purifier Concept red dot award
Design by Henning Strobel


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