Soundlazer Parametric Speaker Concept by Richard Haberkern

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On March 29, 2012
Last modified:March 27, 2012


Soundlazer Parametric Speaker Concept by Richard Haberkern project has been in the works pertaining to almost two years. This technology has been close to since the 1960s however little advancement has been manufactured using modern gadgets components. A parametric speaker uses ultrasonic carrier waves in order to transmit audio to listeners a focused beam regarding sound. Generally speaking, simply the person standing within front of a parametric speaker like the actual Soundlazer can hear the audio becoming transmitted. People to the sides of the parametric source hear tiny or no appear. It has been a difficult process to produce this technology offered by such a low charge. It has taken a few years to come up with the proper design while improving the sound quality of the ultrasonic beam. Because of these innovations, the Soundlazer uses the most recent in digital signal running technology to achieve superb audio top quality never before possible with a parametric speaker at this price.

2012 Soundlazer Parametric Speaker Ultrasonic Soundlazer Parametric Speaker Richard Haberkern Soundlazer Parametric Speaker Concept

Speaker Concept Soundlazer Parametric Speaker
Design by Richard Haberkern
You can see Soundlazer Parametric Speaker Concept by Richard Haberkern detail on KickStarter


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