SoundsGood Hearing Aid Concept by Tang Peiqi

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On March 1, 2012
Last modified:March 1, 2012


SoundsGood Hearing Aid Concept
SoundsGood Hearing Aid Concept by Tang Peiqi is a hearing aid that presents the visualisation of sound waves as well as an amplification of sounds. SoundsGood Hearing Aid Concept can be a hearing aid designed for women. Within shape, it resembles a woman’s dangling earring. While it collects and amplifies sound waves for the listener, SoundsGood also translates the waves into readable graphic indicators and displays them in its small screen so how the speaker can have immediate feedback on the volume of his or her own voice. Your changing signal is also intended to offer an elegant decoration, making SoundsGood any piece of beautiful jewellery in addition to a medical device. The particular graphic wave signal changes its colour and shape in accordance to the nature of the original audio wave: a gentle green wave signal indicates an ideal volume; the weak blue wave indicates a low volume; a strong red wave indicates that the volume will be too high; and a new sharp yellow wave indicates that the speaker is talking too fast.

2012 red dot award SoundsGood Hearing Aid Design
Eye contact is a important part of conversations. It is yet another form of communication aside from speaking and also listening. When worn, SoundsGood is positioned quite close to the eyes. As this kind of, the speaker can minimise your loss of eye contact with the listener, and avoid distraction although surveying the wave-form signal. Before SoundsGood will be used, doctors/technicians need to enter the particular patient’s personalised data into the device. The sound-wave patterns will be generated in respect to this data. Users of SoundsGood should undergo a doctor’s hearing test regularly hence the personalised data can be adjusted to be able to suit any changes in the individual’s hearing ability around time.
Design by Tang Peiqi for red dot award


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