Twin Headphones Concept by Roel Deden

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On March 26, 2012
Last modified:March 26, 2012


Twin Headphone
Twin Headphones Concept by Roel Deden encourages the more sociable use of technology by combining two headphones into one particular device, capable of being separated. The full headphones are composed of an large set featuring an open-centered ring as well as a smaller set involving on-the-ear speakers. When used in close proximity, wireless connections enable each devices to broadcast the same music thus friends can share songs. Alternatively, the open-ring headphones can be used alone to be able to listen to music with out completely blocking out the surrounding sounds.

2012 Twin Headphones Concept Design Music Sharing Twin Headphones Concept

Roel Deden Twin Headphones Concept
Design by Roel Deden


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