Urban Vehicle Project Concept by Rudolf Mihu

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On March 6, 2012
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Urban Vehicle Project
Urban Vehicle Project Concept by Rudolf Mihu was a final project of Rudolf Mihu for his Bachelor’s degree in merchandise design. The explanation why he chose to design this kind of vehicle was because Rudolf is a fan of transportation design and style, but not in the area of engine powers, performances as well as cutting edge stylish design, but rather in its mobility related in order to our future wants. This project has been developed for congested urban areas such as Hong Kong, China, New York and so on.

Vehicle Concept Urban Vehicle Project

Design Urban Vehicle Project Concept
Via this research, this product designer has made a conclusion how the evolution of transportation and mobility has constantly been dependent on and in line while using evolution of the infrastructure system. Brand-new vehicle design has often been the response pertaining to our needs regarding mobility and comfort as well as expressing aesthetic ideas, power, personality along with status. In the future, we believe all vehicles would be integrated together with technologies that enable constant communication between cars and external systems (such as intelligent road signs). The demand pertaining to small and compact autos would be rising because it requires significantly less space and a smaller amount fuel to get around.

Futuristic Urban Vehicle Project

Car Concept Urban Vehicle Project
This Urban Vehicle project is a hatchback power vehicle without any door, user can access this through the front glass windshield (similar to be able to bubble car). It has got the ability to reach 80km/h and one charging time may be used for a miles of 100km. The board as well as seat can be adjusted depending on the driver’s requires. Although this automobile is pretty compact, but it’s still have a modest luggage space behind the driver’s seat. We love the autopilot driving system of this Urban Vehicle Project which may be activated while in a sensible highway system.

Image Urban Vehicle Project Concept Project Urban Vehicle Rudolf Mihu Rudolf Mihu Urban Vehicle Project Concept 2012 Urban Vehicle Project Concept Concept Urban Vehicle Project Design

2030 Concept Urban Vehicle Project
Design by Rudolf Mihu


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