Virtual Intelligent Projector Concept by Liliquan

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On March 15, 2012
Last modified:March 15, 2012


Concept Design Virtual Intelligent Projector

Liliquan say:
“It enables designers to determine the reference in the real environment, instead of by using real pictures. The biggest advantages of virtual intelligent projector is that it can cast color draft files onto transparent plastic or glass, then intelligent data analysis of color draft documents will be projected to geometric surface. This method is fast and efficient, and the most important is that it is environmentally friendly. The recognition of this new process is called ICS.”

Liliquan Virtual Intelligent Projector Concept
Virtual Intelligent Projector Concept by Liliquan is a brilliant concept and the very helpful aid to be able to designers. Umpteen hours go into designing the packaging of a product and the impact could only be recognized after samples are printed. This product basically eliminates the procedure of printing a sample as it projects the virtual packaging label to the box. It may cast color drafts onto six sides of blank color box.

2012 Virtual Intelligent Projector Concept1

Virtual Intelligent Projector1
Design by Liliquan


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