WISH Folding Stretcher Concept by Wang Jizhe

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On March 10, 2012
Last modified:March 9, 2012


WISH Folding Stretcher
WISH Folding Stretcher Concept by Wang Jizhe can be carried into a disaster area by simply an individual rescuer. It may be folded into a compact unit as well as carried on the back together with straps, which optimises manpower and speeds upwards the rescue process. It might also be pushed out of the disaster area by a single rescuer. If the two-wheeled stretcher is unfolded, its retractable legs and large-span trolley wheels ensure stability. They are retracted with the push of a switch near the handles. 2 sets of straps are incorporated. 1 set is behind the backrest along with facilitates the carrying of the folded stretcher similar to a backpack. The various other set is revealed when the stretcher is unfolded, and is used to secure the victim.

2012 Design WISH Folding Stretcher Concept

Wang Jizhe WISH Folding Stretcher Concept red dot award
Design by Wang Jizhe


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