XLDron Versatile Earth Window Concept by Oscar Vinals

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On March 27, 2012
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Futuristic XLDron Versatile
XLDron Versatile Earth Window Concept by Oscar Vinals is a concept of what future hotel-resort could be and the spacecraft vehicle to do the transport between land base and space infrastructure.

Space Travel Versatile

XLDron Versatile Space Travel
The “Earth Window” Space Hotel project consists of two phases:

  • Start-orbit of the modules that compose the infrastructure of “Earth Window” by “Ariane” or “Atlas V” rocket launches in four times, because the size and weight of these modules need the capacity to carry of a big rocket. After that, the next action would be module-assembling and commissioning of all systems in order to receive the first arrival of a capsule, launched by the XLDron Versatile, with astronauts to complete the construction phase of the Space Hotel.
  • The vehicle, that would link between land based and EW Space Hotel has a construction based on the concept XLDron, unmanned aircraft, but with bigger size.
2013 XLDron Versatile Earth Window

2030 XLDron Versatile Space Travel
Equipped with three ultra high bypass turbofan engines that use mixture of Biofuel and conventional fuel with a maximum takeoff weight of 85 tons, this vehicle would carry a rocket to an altitude of more than 40,000 ft., where it’s detached.

Concept XLDron Versatile Earth Window Design

Versatile Concept Design
The rocket starts the three engines and would consist of three stages combined between solid and liquid rocket, capable of putting into LEO, MEO and HEO orbits a mass of two tons approximately of payload.

The rocket would have different configurations, combining four types of capsules:

  • Astronauts Capsule: It could take 5 “Spassengers” (space Passengers) and a small amount of basic material.
  • Supplies Capsule: might carry all kinds of supplies for the Space Hotel. And it would serve as auxiliary emergency capsule.
  • Energy Capsule: it could replenish EW Space Hotel fuel and basic materials such as oxygen, hydrogen, etc.
  • Satellite Capsule: could put satellites into orbit of medium size. Or even send “small” vehicle “explorers” to other planets.
Space Tourism SpaceCraft Vehicle Rocket XLDron Versatile Earth Window Concept Astronaut XLDron Versatile Satellite XLDron Versatile Concept Oscar Vinals XLDron Versatile Capsule 2012 XLDron Versatile

Versatile XLDron Concept
Design by Oscar Vinals


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