AUDI E-Sound for Electric Car Concept

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On April 7, 2012
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AUDI E Sound
AUDI E-Sound for Electric Car Concept a realtime sound generator for electric cars, was developed in the acoustic test bed facility shown over. For future use in its electric e-tron models, AUDI has created e-sound, a realtime technique involving generating synthetic motor sounds for the essentially silent vehicle in order to warn pedestrians and cyclists of the car’s proximity. Even though recent legislative efforts in the US are generating it mandatory that organizations add artificial engine sounds in order to electric vehicles, producers are taking the particular requirement as an opportunity to experiment using the creation of a perfect sound signature to represent the brand. With all the new AUDI system, the e-tron car does not broadcast prerecorded engine noises but instead generates audio in realtime to the millisecond, calculated according to data including the electric motor’s rotational speed, car or truck speed, loads, and other parameters. Your result is played via the loudspeaker affixed to the undercarriage of the car. each model of e-tron is actually planned to have a unique

2012 AUDI E Sound for Electric Car

e Tron AUDI E Sound for Electric Car
Design by AUDI


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