Cool Head Helmet Concept by Andres Salazar Ruiz Velasco

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On April 18, 2012
Last modified:April 17, 2012


Cool Head Helmet
Cool Head Helmet Concept by Andres Salazar Ruiz Velasco has been designed to become used by soldiers when their mission takes them in hot deserts from the Middle East. Just like its name suggests, this specific helmet keeps its user’s head cool. The basic idea behind this helmet layout was taken from the technique of Coleoptera Xerophile, a beetle in which lives in the desert where its shell can absorb humidity from the air and transform it into water to help fight the particular extreme heat temperature and to drink.

Andres Salazar Ruiz Velasco Cool Head Helmet Concept
The identical mechanism is applied to this Cool Head Helmet design. There’s a smaller space inside the helmet which keeps the water from this kind of condensation process, in this method the user’s head stays cool all the period. There’s also a small pipe that will be used if the user wants to drink several water in case involving emergency. When a soldier battles under the actual sun, he can retract UV protected lens from this kind of helmet for better vision.

Coleoptera Xerophile Beetle Cool Head Helmet Concept
Design by Andres Salazar Ruiz Velasco


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