E-bugster Speedster Car Concept by Volkswagen

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On April 24, 2012
Last modified:April 23, 2012


E bugster Speedster Car
E-bugster Speedster Car Concept by Volkswagen is built with the proportions of a sportscar, at below 55 inches (1400mm) in height, a wider 72 inches (1838 mm) inside width, and 168 (4278mm) in length. That retains a similar chassis style to the e-bugster coupe and also the 2011 ragster new beetle concepts, although along with LED headlights, C-shaped daytime running lights, and redesigned bumper reflectors. Most impressively, the particular electric motor and lithium-ion battery enable a new range of 112 miles (180km) on one charge, attaining 0 for you to 60 mph (0 to 100 km/hr) in 10.8 seconds. The combined charging system applied by the vehicle offer single-phase charging via standard AC current or a quick charge DC mode for usage at charging stations. Volkswagen notes that with this particular latter interface, the battery could be refuelled within 35 minutes. The combined charging system is actually designed to meet future industry standards for electric vehicle connections, as a way to universalize charging methods globally in the automobile industry.

2012 E bugster Speedster Car Concept Design E bugster Speedster Car Concept

Volkswagen E bugster Speedster Car Concept
Design by Volkswagen


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