ECKO Prosthetic Leg Design Concept by Jordan Diatlo

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On April 2, 2012
Last modified:April 2, 2012


Ecko Prosthetic Leg
Ecko Prosthetic Leg Design Concept by Jordan Diatlo is an artistic prosthetic leg created for graffiti artist or a bicycle messenger. One of many hard challenges that amputees have to deal with is to regain the feeling of being normal, that is pretty difficult since they have lost the ability to do numerous things that they never thought regarding before. Their body has grow to be asymmetric and people notice this. This prosthetic leg design aims in order to ease both emotional and physical transition that they can have to go through right after losing the limb. In order to make this prosthetic leg becomes a great extension of the user’s style and personality, it’s recently been design with abstract element. Yes, people are still going to stare, but not necessarily in pity or discomfort life before, they will seem with amazement or admiration.

Concept Ecko Prosthetic Leg Design Jordan Diatlo Ecko Prosthetic Leg Concept

2012 Ecko Prosthetic Leg Design
Design by Jordan Diatlo


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