Figaro Speaker Concept by Morten Gronning Nielsen

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On April 12, 2012
Last modified:April 11, 2012


Figaro Speaker
Figaro Speaker Concept by Morten Gronning Nielsen presents nostalgic technology with fashionable aesthetics in a radio made to be able to bring the past through the potential while it blasts some awesome tunes along the way. The following you’ve got the radio experience having a look and appear combination. This tech works with Airplay for wireless streaming of music, radio, or even audiobooks from your smartphone or tablet laptop or computer, or you can rock the radio right out from the center unit, no extra gear essential. That bit involving glass you see there in the center is a classic conduit amplifier, the triangle tower speakers connect with this technique as well.

2012 Figaro Speaker Concept Design Figaro Speaker Concept

Morten Gronning Nielsen Figaro Speaker Concept
Design by Morten Gronning Nielsen


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