Green Hydroponic Wheel Concept by Libero Rutilo

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On April 25, 2012
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Green Hydroponic Wheel
Green Hydroponic Wheel Concept by Libero Rutilo is actually a conceptual revolutionary rotary hydroponic program developed by NASA in order to provide continuous supply regarding fresh herbs and salad in spacecraft. It’s rather effective that this industrial designer wanted to transfer the concept directly into our daily life and thus far it looks fairly promising. This rotary garden could be the first one for being an iconic object in your home regarding both its unique design and benefits. If you compare this to conventional garden, Green Wheel provides far more advantages, for example, you’ll be able to produce a variety of agricultural products in the convenience of your own living room. By expanding your own herbs and greens, it can also suggest eliminate the need for all that fuel usage to take one to supermarket as well as plastic packaging consumption. Yep, it is an eco-friendly device.

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Rotary Green Hydroponic Wheel Concept
Design by Libero Rutilo


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